Silicon wafer technology is gradually approaching the limit today, people began to focus on the next generation of computer chips will use what materials to make? Compared to more advanced concepts of quantum computers, optical computers, DNA computers, the feasibility of the superconducting computer is much greater. Currently, QUANTUM INTELEGENT software companies began using high-performance computing clusters, the development of new superconducting chip

Small in size, high speed, low energy consumption


For the made superconducting switch devices, the time needed for switching action is one - hundred billionth of a second in theory. This is can not be reached by today’s all electronic, semi-conducting and photoelectric devices. This means that the superconducting computer operation speed will be faster than that of electronic computer by 100 times, while its power consumption is only one- thousandth of that of electronic computer. For instance, if one large-medium computer consumed 10 kw power per hour, the superconducting computer having the same computing power would only need a dry cell for working; its size is only one-tenth of the original.

Realization of super-conducting computer---- Coming soon

Superconducting computer is manufactured by using superconducting chip technology. On the performance, the current electronic computers can not be compared with it.
However, the realization of the superconducting computer also depends on scientists’ research on high temperature and even room temperature superconducting material. At present, technical personnel of the company have found that there are 28 kinds of elements and thousand kinds of alloys and compounds that can be made into superconductor, but the highest superconducting critical temperature of these superconducting materials is also over 140℃ below zero. Experts on quantum technology expect to find cheap room temperature superconducting materials with which superconducting switching units and superconducting storage units can be manufactured. Then, these units can be used to manufacture superconducting computers so as to change the entire computer world.