Quantum computation
Introduction of quantum computation

The concept of quantum computation is earliest put forward by IBM scientists R. Landauer and C. Bennett in the 70 s. They mainly discuss relationship in calculation process such as between free energy, information and reversibility. In 1985, d. Deutsch in the university of Oxford proposed the concept of Quantum Turing machine, the quantum computation have the basic pattern of mathematics. With some excellent quantum algorithm has been found in succession, the quantum computer has gradually become a research hotspot. In l994 American computer expert Shor presented the prime factorization algorithm of large Numbers which was particularly noticeable. The factorization algorithm of large Numbers is important because the prime factorization of large numbers is a difficult problem of classical computers, which is a precondition for the safety of the currently widely used RSA public key encryption system. That is to say that the prime factorization of large numbers is the NP problem of classical computers, while Shor quantum algorithm converts it into P problem. United States Scientists Grover put forward "quantum search algorithm" in 1997 which can decipher DES password system. This makes the current electronic password system with no security. This injected new vitality into the research of quantum computer, the governments around the world have organized research strength in the research of quantum computer, triggered a trend for global quantum computer research. Scientists in the United States Grover put forward "quantum search algorithm" in 1997, can be deciphered DES password system. This makes the current electronic password system with no secret. This injected new vitality into the research of quantum computer, the world governments have organization research strength in the research of quantum computer, triggered a global quantum computer research upsurge. FIND OUT MORE

Quantum Technology


Quantum Superposition State

Will Have Unlimited Possibilities

In the information age, when you enjoy the convenience of the Internet world, you probably didn't realize the importance "password techniques", while in fact, great to national security, financial security, petty to personal capital security, E-mail security, all can’t leave without the password. In the Internet, in this virtual space, the transfer, transaction and mail transfer happened in every second is countless, so the password ensure the safety of all these processes. If there was no password technology, the Internet would become a place that absolutely had no privacy, your bank accounts, personal information, social circle would become transparent, other people could take your money away, get your privacy, or pretend to be your friend to borrow money, and so on. Quantum cryptography uses the quantum technology to transmit secret key, so the data confidentiality will be safer. The challenges modern password experts face is that how to let the sender and the receiver get a same key together, and make sure it won't be disclosed. We usually use a called " public - key cryptography " to send "secret key" (hereinafter referred to as the key or the private key) to perform encryption or decryption of the transmitted message. The technology is safe because the application the prime factorization or other difficult mathematical problems. It is easy to calculate the product of two large prime numbers, but it is extremely difficult to decompose the product back to prime Numbers. at present, in the public-key cryptography, the most commonly used RSA cryptographic algorithm applied the principle of factorization.


Quantum decryption technology is built based on various theories of quantum chemistry, such as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, etc. through normalization, mutual change of volatility superposition, the positive and negative function, crack the password by quantum chemistry computer technology. It is powerful with high speed beyond imagination, and can crack any password in the world.Quantum computing decryption dates back to the realization of the idea of “public-key cryptography system “. In ancient symmetric encryption, the both sides of communication must have a shared key. However, in other environments, such as the Internet, Stanford university cryptography and network security technology expert Diffie and Hellman presented a “public-key cryptography system” which used asymmetric encryption and public key encryption to implement the data safety transmission between data. Experts said that at present the most public-key schemes are mathematical problems based on the number theory. With facing the increasingly powerful computing capacity, especially in the near future the possibility of a quantum computer, public key encryption algorithm will face with great challenge. It has been proved by factorization algorithm issued by Peter shore Shor of Bell Labs that with the quantum computer, it can easily solve the large integer factor segregation and discrete logarithm problems of the public key encryption technology, so that it decodes the key. In the face of quantum computing decryption crisis, scientists have proposed solutions such as quantum key, but is just the solutions based on the theory, to a certain degree, they all have risk of being easily breached.