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"With the idea of scientific innovation, our company to guide the industrialization development of quantum technology in Egypt is very potential technology. We will change the cutting-edge research mature commercial products, expanding the application range of the quantum technology, quantum computing in Egypt to promote the development of industrialization, and around the world. "
Amanda SmithFounder and CEO
Born in 1968 in Cairo, Egypt, graduated from Harvard University. Was employed in the institute for theoretical physics at Oxford University. In 1997 he established quantum laboratory in Egypt, over the years dedicated to the study of physics. In 2008 he founded the AET company, becoming chief executive.
Eliot Roberts, in 1992 graduated from the university of Massachusetts institute of technology. A former MCG company's technical engineers and T - compute the company's senior technical engineers. In 2000, she joined our quantum laboratory. Now, she is our company's chief technology officer, lead the team to further study the quantum field.
Dr Dinah in 2001 graduated from the university of Chicago, received his bachelor's degree in computer. He used to win the championship in the contest of Stanford university computer. He is familiar with sas, SPSS, matlab, R, eviews, Amos, stata data analysis software, etc. In 2010, he joined the AET company, now he is a data analyst.