Major events

Recently, quantum computing software companies to participate in a series of meetings and technology trade show was invited in Egypt. At the same time, the company has successfully held a large workshop for quantum computing and Internet radio.


International conference organized quantum reactive scattering

This series of seminar mainly involves the study of the theory of the quantum reaction dynamics, focusing on the new theory and new approaches to the study of the quantum reaction dynamics, as well as in polyatomic molecule, non adiabatic reaction, the potential energy surface, theory of the latest progress of the study. This international conference is started from the workshop held outside Europe and the United States for the first time since this fully shows that in recent years, our company's quantum reaction dynamics theory research has made new progress and occupies a certain position in the international field.


Participate in the European Conference on Quantum

Quantum commission has been committed to the set of "quantum" declaration, the declaration of the initiative will Europe on quantum forefront second revolution revolution, will be in May 17-18, 2016 quantum eu meeting officially released. Quantum declaration called on member states and the European commission in 1 billion euros, about to start in 2018 European H2020 research and innovation framework program. Israel quantum intelligent technology co., LTD. 2 special expert representative to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to attend the meeting.


IBM announces availability of quantum computing for on IBM cloud

IBM is making available quantum computing to the public, allowing people to access and run experiments on IBM’s quantum processor.Scientists at the company have manufactured quantum processor that can be accessed via a quantum computing platform delivered through the IBM Cloud onto any desktop or mobile device.