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According to Moore's law, the size of semiconductor transistor began to be smaller and smaller. After it reaches nanoscale, the electronic motion law no longer follows the traditional classical electrodynamics; At the same time, the security of the chip is becoming more and more important, people begin to seek a principle that can be unconditionally secure communication mode; Quantum mechanics is expected to play an important role in solving the above problems, this is mainly displayed in quantum communication, quantum computation and quantum precision measurement the three aspects.

In addition, in the field of quantum communication, MIT team of quantum computing software company expressed the hope that through 3-5 years’ efforts, solve the problem based on relaying quantum communication, preliminarily carry out the satellite-ground quantum experiments; Through the efforts of 10 years, build a practical wide area network. In addition to the above introduction, quantum computing in the future also has wide attention, research and application in the department of defense, in areas such as biology, medicine and chemistry.