Open laboratory management system is mainly used to implement comprehensive information management for the laboratory, in order to improve laboratory management level and to guarantee laboratory information security. It is an essential software platform to realize laboratory information management. Open experiment system from the quantum computing software company mainly adopts JSP technology to develop applications. With Java as the programming language and Oracle database as the backend database, it is a data-driven Web application based on SSH (Spring, struts 2, Hibernate) framework and MVC three-tier architecture. It realizes integrated management of laboratory and unified arrangement and management on apparatus and supplies and consumables, to provide quick and convenient services for management of the laboratory.

This system californium laboratory comprehensive monitoring workstation as the core, combined with intelligent IC card identity recognition technology, touch screen technology, position measurement technology and automatic control technology to form the hardware platform of the system. Including the experimental project, equipment, consumable products catalog, consumable storage record, instruments to borrow, personnel, instrument calibration, and query function, report printing function.