Quantum computing software simulation system

With the development of science and technology, people propose higher requirements on information processing capability of computers. We continually put forward all kinds of computers with new system structures in order to pursue the goal of much higher, faster and stronger. quantum computers have extremely high computing performance as they make use of essential characteristic of quantum mechanical system. This is a direction for development of computers in the future. To this end, the company began to make development and reaseach on quantum computing software simulation system.
In light of the research on quantum computer architecture, the company determined demands of quantum computing system software simulation as well as some key problems to be resolved in design and then began to research quantum computing software simulation system. This system is an integrated development environment, making it easy for users to design, debug and run quantum programs, as well as supports research and simulation on quantum computer architecture. It has good expandability and transportability. In order to improve quantum computing simulation performance in classical computers, vector processing components are used in the research, to improve simulation performance technology. As vector computing simulation can be used in quantum computing process, it is suitable for microprocessors with vector processing. The results show that vector processing technology is of great significance for improving the performance of quantum algorithm software simulation system.